Good Partnership Guidelines

Andrew Robson's,  eight of the most important guidelines for been a good and pleasant partner:

  • Always thank your partner for their dummy, even if its a disappoint and/or you disagree with their bidding.
  • Never criticise your partner - they are trying their hardest
  • Congratulate your parter on a well played hand; and console them on a failed enterprise ('Hard luck' makes everyone feel better, even if luck did not come into it).
  • Keep a straight face.  Apart from being unethical to convey information true facial expression, it's also undermining.
  • Try to picture things from your partners side of the table - anticipate their problems and seek to make things clearer.
  • Never side with an opponent against your partner.  If you don't agree with your partner say NOTHING
  • Always thank your partner at the end of the game (even if things did not go well)
  • Have a good time, and make sure that your partner does too.

Charles Goren said:

Bridge is for fun.   You should play the game for no other reason.  You should not play bridge to make money, to show how smart your are, or show how stupid your partner is, or to prove any of the serveral hundred other things bridge players are so often trying to prove.

Rixi Markus said:

I have always believed that your attitude towards your partner is as important as your technical skill at the game.